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Action Man Day 2014

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WWL in China: Re-cap 2013

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Watch the highlights from Jeb Corliss' "Flying Dagger" and WWL China Grand Prix.

WWL China Grand Prix 2014 – The Film

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This 20-minute introduces the world's most precious and biggest wingsuit race: WWL China Grand Prix. Watch the video and get to know who are the athletes at our races and what's their perspective towards competitive ...

Best of WWL China Grand Prix 2013 (new footage)

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Watch these highlights from the last practice day at WWL China Grand Prix. Cheers to Dan Vicary at the end of the video. RIP.

WWL China Grand Prix -trailer

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WWL teaser from our press conference in Beijing.

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Antenna Bandit Base Jump | Base Dreams | Ep 9

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Antenna Bandit Base Jump! Click Here to follow Douggs! The crazy Antenna Bandit Base Jump, after a tiring climb up the way down was easy! Big thank...

Norway BASE jumping cliff flying. righteous.

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This is from "Seven Sunny Days" a Matchstick Production. Give these guys the credit. They made the film. Buy the DVD.

Mad Minute: Touching Cloth… BASEjumping close calls

2.07K Views0 Comments 1 year into 1 minute: Cairns Adventure Film Festival 2011 Touching Cloth... that moment when you almost shit your pants!!!! Originally a lastminute entry for an Extreme Sports Film Fest, To...

Possibly The Best Wingsuit Flying Ever Captured On Video | HeliBASE 74 ep. 4

1.99K Views0 Comments Espen Fadnes takes the world's top wingsuit pilots to a mountain none of them have ever flown before. The pilots decide to take on the challenge of finding the perfect line down steep faces and ...