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World Wingsuit League at the World BASE Race 2014 – The Finals

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Reminiscing on the good times at the WBR race. Here's some memories from the landing area during the final day. Shot and edited by: Sami Wilenius

World Wingsuit League visits World BASE Race in Norway

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Meet the faces of World BASE Race 2014! WWL was happy to collaborate with WBR and now we are looking forward to expand our partnership for 2015 race circuit. This video was shot and edited by: Sami Wilenius

My Thoughts On Human Flight, Alexander Polli

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THERE IS TO MUCH TALKING, I KNOW. But these are just my thoughts which reflect my point of view. I think it's important we recognize that even the best pilots are amateurs like I consider myself and we are all test-pi...

The Getaway

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A fun little live account of our last illegal building jump in Spain "No Salto" means No jump! in Spanish apparently. Chris "Douggs" McDougall check out my instagram: 'douggsbase' for more adventures!

Plane Hijacked & Landed on USA soil by Base jumper. Onlookers watch in hor….or?

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A fun little Plane Hijacking Base jump with my buddies.

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Norway BASE jumping cliff flying. righteous.

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This is from "Seven Sunny Days" a Matchstick Production. Give these guys the credit. They made the film. Buy the DVD.

Road to WWL 2013 – Episode 2

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In this episode, iiro travels to Lauterbrunnen Valley (Switzerland) to meet with the base-jumping community and to learn about their motivation towards the sport.

Antenna Bandit Base Jump | Base Dreams | Ep 9

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Antenna Bandit Base Jump! Click Here to follow Douggs! The crazy Antenna Bandit Base Jump, after a tiring climb up the way down was easy! Big thank...

Playing with the Apache – Base Jump 2012 le Blond

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Tests of my new Apache wingsuit during the last 2 months, flying with friends and opening new jumps!! Enjoy!