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dave speed riding

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I shot this of my brother on his 3rd day learning to speed ride. He is really making it look easy!

World’s Fastest Woman | WWL Flight Line | Ep 4

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Ellen Brennan the World's Fastest Woman in Ep 4 of "Flight Line" by WWL. New Episodes every other Thursday at 6pm CET! Click here to stay tuned: "...

Chris “Douggs” McDougall – Channel Trailer

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Chris "Douggs" McDougall Channel Trailer. Base Jumping, Wingsuit flying, Skydiving, Climbing and adventure! Follow my channel for more: I'm a Profes...

Jeb Corliss first jump back

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This is my first day of jumping after blowing my ACL in my left knee 10 months ago. I got a full ACL reconstruction 9 months ago and have been rehabbing super hard to get back in the air :) I was testing a new audi...

World WingSuit League

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Así disfrutamos de uno de los más importantes eventos en traje con alas.

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Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun | BASE Dreams 2 | Ep 4

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Indoor BASE Jumps & More Crazy Fun! BASE Dreams 2 - The awesome new base jump series with Chris "Douggs" McDougall: Click Here to follow Douggs! ...

Illegal Highball Hotel BASE Jump | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal, Ep. 1

12.64K Views0 Comments Adrenaline. Speed. Runnin' from the FUZZ. Can Jokke Sommer sneak into buildings in Spain, race up to the roof, huck himself off the top, BASE jump and escape from the police before being arres...

The Wingsuit Flying Carpet – Team Betsafe

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Wingsuit flying BASE jumper acting as a flying carpet for a skydiving canopy flyer in Romsdalen valley, Norway. In August 2014, Team Betsafe's Espen Fadnes made history with Bjørn Magne Bryn by performing a solid c...

Who is The Fastest Wingsuit Base Jumper? | Countdown To WWL | Ep2

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Who is The Fastest Wingsuit Base Jumper? Remember to subscribe to our YouTube - channel for awesome wingsuit flying! Click Here Who is The Faste...