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Human Arrow Live

We are getting ready for the LIVE broadcast of Human Arrow. The winds have been very strong for the last two days and the turbulent air has made our jobs more challenging. As of now, we are planning to go LIVE here in China at 11am (on May 28th). If you are based in China...

7 days to Human Arrow

Hello Everyone! Team WWL arrived to China a few days ago to prepare for our most challenging protect yet. The ‘Human Arrow’ features world renown BASE-jumper Jeb Corliss and it will take place on one of the most iconic landmarks in the world: The Great Wall of China. Jeb will drop from a helicopter at 6000 feet,...

A note to all aspiring WWL pilots

To all aspiring WWL athletes out there.
If you want to race against the best wingsuit pilots in the world at WWL events, you must meet these requirements:
  • Be very good (gain a reputation as a solid and level-headed pilot who can fly fast)
  • Be safe  (gain a reputation as a safe pilot who does not take stupid risks)
  • Be professional...

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