Carson Klein
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Carson Klein

United States
2nd fastest pilot at WWL Voss qualifications

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

I grew up in the western US where I enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities with my Family. I was always intrigued with flight and all thing that fly, starting at young age. This intrigue along with my sense of adventure led me to a local Drop zone in Salt Lake City,in 1998, where I made my first skydive. I fell in love! Skydiving eventually led to BASE Jumping in 2002, Paragliding in 2004, Speed flying in 2005 and wing suiting in 2006. I currently work and a Tandem Skydiving Instructor as well as a Helicopter instructor in Santa Cruz CA. I love sharing my passion for flight with other. However flying my wing suit in beautiful place with beautiful people is definitely my favorite. The competition scene is new for me, but I’m loving the extra excitement that comes from pushing myself to excel. I’m stoked to put my skills to the test against some of the best Pilots in the world at this years WWL China Grand Prix. Lets have some fun boys…
Carson Klein
United States
Living in:
Santa Cruz, California
Helicopter pilot, paragliding instructor, skydiving instructor
Participant, 2014 WWL China GP; 2nd place, 2015 WWL Voss qualifications
Known for:
Super-fast pilot who has struggled with too short canopy times in China
Years in BASE:
Base jumps:

MORE ABOUT Carson Klein

Carson Klein started base jumping 12 years ago and soon fell in love with wingsuits. Carson now counts more than 1000 wingsuit flights and 2000 parachute jumps and is really excited to be part of WWL and compete with the best wingsuit pilots of the world.

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